oem logistics  

DAPA Global was formed as an initiative to aid in the acquisition of international products and have a solid understanding of what is required to bring your ideas to market from established and trusted sources.

Having over 25 years experience within import and export facilities we continue to build our portfolio sourcing low risk manufacturers.

We have multilingual global representatives based in key jurisdictions throughout India, Asia and the USA, which enables us to communicate your specific requirements without the need for 3rd party services or fees. This also means we have complete control of your product until it arrives safely at your door.

Our established partnerships with manufacturers, logistics companies and legal entities, coupled with a wealth of knowledge in duties and excise, makes us the perfect partner for any size project.

We know that reliability is just as important to you as price and by building a relationship based on the understanding of your unique requirements, we can offer the best service to you with full quality control and supplier evaluation as standard. We have visited the suppliers, have built trusting relationships with them and know that the product delivered to you is of the required standard.